Om Sri Laxmi Venkatesha ya namah Om Sri Sainatha ya namah

Om Sri Laxmi Venkateshaya Namah  Om Sri Sainatha ya Namah

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An ISO 9001:2008 certified for Infertility Treatments with Healthy food, Healthy life style...

Om Sri Laxmi Venkateshaya namah  Om Sri Sainatha ya namah


Our Procedure

1. Stage: We will study Birth chart of couples to find out cause of their Infertility Problem.
Tell us your family History, your Age, how long you are Infertile, have you consulted any infertility specialist, does your wife is facing tubal blocks and Health Problems you  are facing including your wife. If any of couple is having genetic problem they have less chance to have child. Otherwise they can improve their fertility with our guidance. It will take 3 months to 1 year depend upon their health conditions. You must follow our guidance. We don’t advice medicines. We advise only healthy foods, healthy habits, exercise etc....
We require: Birth details of couples, their  health conditions  etc..

Our Charges :  Rs.200000/- If you are resident and citizen of India  or   $ 2900 USD If you are not resident of India
Note:: If medical reports shows ZERO improvement we will continue our guidance till we get require results even after one year without fee. 

2. Stage: After getting successful results of 1st Stage We will calculate most auspicious time to have SEX. If the planetary periods are not cordial we will advice the husband to 
Deposit his sperm on auspicious date and time, woman to deposit her eggs on her auspicious date and time in any fertility clinics. When both the planetary position is favorable we will advice to mix sperm and eggs, insert in wife’s womb.

This is the most important stage to conceive and avoid  1.  Defective births  2. Mentally handicapped births  3.  Blind births  

In this stage we guide 1.  How  to develop positve thoughts  2. How to develp your body minerals  3.  Breathing techniques  and how to avoid birth defects   

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Today about 90 million couples are giving births to defective  children such as Heart problems, Mentally handicapped, Physically handicapped, blind etc... in every year through out the Globe.   I have seen more than 12000 defective children during my research.  My only motto is that every couple  should enjoy with their Healthy child.  It is in your hands.  

Our Charges :  Rs.200000/- If you are resident and citizen of India  or $  2900 USD If you are not resident of India

It will be successful fertilization.  

3. Stage: We will guide the pregnant woman 1. How to protect her health and unborn child’s health.
2. How to improve unborn child’s intelligence, health, body growth till birth takes place.
3. How to give birth to the baby with NORMAL DELIVERY. (depend on Pregnant woman’s health condition. If her condition is not supporting for normal delivery we will guide for operation)
Our Charges :   Rs. 200000/- If you are resident and citizen of India  or $ 2900 USD If you are not resident of India

Our Guidance:
1. We will calculate your advice report only after receipt of our PAYMENT.
2. We will send you after 25 days of receipt our payment.
3. We don’t advice Medicines.
4. We advise you vegetables, fruits, pulses, stones etc.. As per Medical Astrology.
5. You need not to go any where. Just follow my advise at your home.
6. You will not get reaction or side effects if you eat as you like any food item.

7. According to my research every couple can give birth to HEALTHY and BRILLIANT child. Please follow my guidance to have Healthy child.
8. Please send your medical reports every 3 months.
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Healthy Food +Healthy Life style Gives U Healthy and Brilliant Child