Om Sri Laxmi Venkatesha ya namah Om Sri Sainatha ya namah

Om Sri Laxmi Venkateshaya Namah Om Sri Sainatha ya namah

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My name: Venkateshwar Rao Mamidala Profession:MedicalAstrologist Experience: 43 years 
Address : Flat No.232B,5thBlock, Janapriya Flats, Brindavan Colony, Saroornagar,Hyderabad-India.

I researched on more than 10000 children born defective such as Blind, without limbs, without some body organs, heart problems such as hole in the heart, heart defective, heart outside of the body ,some children are partially blind and survive with little vision etc... I put some of photos in my blogs so as to educate all couples to take care and give birth to Healthy child.

My main aim is that Every couple should give birth to Healthy and Brilliant child. I researched this subject through Medical Astrology over 43 years. I came to conclusion that 1.Birth time of couples 2. Their birth periods 3. Their food habits, life style etc... and 4. Their time of sex causes for their defective child birth.

I can imagine the mental condition of parents of defective child birth.

I wish Every couple should have Healthy and Brilliant child it is only possible with their Healthy food, Healthy life style etc.. Every day consist of 1440 minutes. Each minute is influenced by 5 planets. These planetary influence will cause for Intelligence, personality, health, profession and all matters of our life.

I applied my theory on many couples from 1991 and found that all are given birth to HEALTHY and BRILLIANT CHILD. I also observed their Health and Profession. It all tallies my theory. Please read all my blogs to know.


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Healthy Food +Healthy Life style Gives U Healthy and Brilliant Child 

Many couples around the world asked me to explain Infertility problems generally faced around world, How does Age caused for their Infertility etc…I created GROUPS in Facebook and I am discussing on various topics on Health, Infertility and Healthy food daily. Please join and share your experiences, feelings, treatments etc……the following are my Groups 1. Causes of INFERTILITY 2. Dear Infertility couple  3. Infertility couples in World  4. INFERTILITY OR HEALTH PROBLEMS  and 5.   Contact for Medicine

Healthy Food +Healthy Life style Gives U Healthy and Brilliant Child


Om Sri Laxmi Venkateshaya namah  Om Sri Sainathaya namah