Om Sai Ram Om Sri Laxmi Venkateshaya Namah

Healthy life style and Healthy food cure Health or Infertility problems

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Let me introduce my self

My Name : Venkateshwar Rao Mamidala, Profession: Medical Astrologist, Flat No. 232B, 5th Block, Janapriya Flats, Saroornager, Hyderabad - 500 035 Experiance: 43 years

My Problems: I faced many health problems from my child. You can see some of them in My Problems

My Research: I research on 1. Infertility Problems in Male or Female, how to solve this problem with Healthy Food, Healthy Life style etc.., How to give Birth to HEALTHY AND BRILLIANT CHILD, you can see in Healthy child

2. Health Problems : Diabetes, Hypertension,Eye Problems,Heart Problems, Kidney Problems,Asthma, Epilepsy, Thyroid, Cancer etc., how to cure these problems with Healthy food, Healthy life style, Healthy habits, exercise etc... You can see Scientific And Astro causes in Health and Health2

Note: We dont suggest Medicines

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See PHOTOS of some Infertility or Health sufferers cured with Healthy food, Healthy life style, exercise etc