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My Name. Venkateshwar Rao Mamidala,  Medical Astrologist.  visit to know About me 

My  Opinion: Every couple should have a Healthy child.  It is only possible with Healthy food, Healthy life style etc...My aim : I wants to see  Maximum  couple with Healthy and Brilliant child.                 

 My Research.: I researched Scientifically and Astrologically on 

Infertility problems  in  Male and Female and created blogs    1.Health and Infertility  2.Infertility in Male 3. Infertility in Female 4.Woman to Mother  5.child—Lucky and Brilliant 6.How to have Healthy  Child 7.Infertility and  Healthy child  8. Healthy Problems—Astro Analysis 9.How to give birth to Healthy child-1  10.How to give birth to Healthy child 2  11.How to give birth to Healthy child 3   12.Profession of your child  13.Birth defects in Different countries  14. How to Have Healthy and Brilliant child   and  15. Many questions on  Infertility, child birth etc… visit Health and Infertility

Fertility and Pregnancy    1. Pre Pregnancy 1  2, Pre pregnancy II   3. Pre Pregnancy III   4.After Pregnancy  5Mother’s food improve unborn child’s Health  6. Nutrients required to give birth to Healthy child 1  7. Nutrients required to give birth to Healthy child 2   8. Nutrients  required to give birth to Healthy child 3   9.  Nutrients required to give birth to Healthy child.  10.  Your life style to give birth to Healthy child  11. Mother’s Milk will increase all round resistance to the Baby I   and 12. Mother’s Milk will increase all round resistance to the Baby II  visit   Fertility and Pregnancy

Scientific analysis of your Healthy Food which will cure all Infertility & Health problems  visit  Nutrition:  Required Nutrition by Pregnants and Required Nutrition for all   Required Nutritions, Mineral Values: Ionizable Iron, Germination, Malting and Baking of Bread, Loss of Percentage by cooking, Ionizable Iron in Germinated and Malted food Grains,Cooking losses of  Riboflavin and Total B6, Growth performance of Rats , Essentials    of Minerals , Importance of Minerals and How to keep your self Healthy  Mineral Values  Nutritional Values :Pulses, Leafy Vegetables,  Other vegetables, General Grains, Fruits, Nutrients daily needed and Essentials of Nutrients  Nutritional Values  Scientific and Astrological causes of other health problems  see my health blogs


Many couples around the world asked me to explain Infertility problems generally faced around world, How does Age caused for their Infertility  etc…I  created         GROUPS in Facebook and I am discussing on various topics on Health, Infertility and Healthy food daily.   Please join and share your experiences, feelings, treatments etc……the following are my Groups 1. Causes of INFERTILITY  2. Dear  3.   Infertility couples in World  and  4 INFERTILITY OR HEALTH PROBLEMS

 I wish U to have Healthy and Brilliant ChildWith good Profession....Not Criminal….Not Defective  ……..See my blogs PrePregnancy1, PrePregnancy ii  PrePregnancyiii,  AfterPregnancy Avoiddefectivebirth ,  Profession of your Child and Defective Children

Many  couples around the world asked me 1.  How age is caused for Infertility?   2. Explain with scientific analysis.  So I created new blogs with Scientific analysis Charts  and  Reasons   visit  FemaleInfertilityCharts    and     MaleInfertilityCausesandCharts

Many couples around the world asked me the cause of Child Births 1. Male  2.  Female 3.  Criminal  4.  Undesired etc………………I created the blog Causeofchildbirths

Please read my blogs and website to avoid defective child birth.
To know about Infertility problems in Male or Female, profession of your would be child etc read my blogs      Health and Infertility
To Know about Fertility, Contents in your eggs/sperm, importance of mother’s milk etc.. Read my blogs        Fertility and Pregnancy
To know about the contents of your food, fruits, pulses etc... read Required NutrientsMineral Values
 Nutritional Values .                                                      To know Scientific causes of other Health Problems visit See my Health Blogs 


 Your Healthy food+ Healthy life style etc…GIVES U   HEALTHY AND BRILLIANT CHILD